Sewing section is one of the crucial departments in apparel manufacturing industry. When the garments are cut in the cutting section soon after they are send to the sewing department for joining together by using different types of sewing machine, threads and needle.

Project Analysis for production in process

Critical supervision and analysis helps in deciding the areas where help is needed. Once the product is analyzed and assessed target is set for hourly production. Depending on the layout of operation and hourly target production per line machine layout is setup to ensure target based on per hour production.

Product Line balancing

This tool ensures capitalizing on production. Line of work has to be balanced properly to ensure target result is achieved as the work process is assessed before depending on work load and taking care of bottlenecks if any in the line.

Quality check

Front and back part sewing quality is assessed and checked by on-line quality inspector. In the end line full garment from both inside as well as outside is checked properly to ensure the garments is defect free. Lastly the end line quality inspector inspects the garments and sends the garment to finishing section. The garment is then ready to reach the market for sales.

Size wise issue of bundle

A strict inventory is maintained by the floor in-charge and the bundles are assigned as per the size by the supervisor in-charge for the stitching process. This step is mandatory to ensure mixing of varied sizes.

Line production

This process levels the workload across all production. Line productions helps carrying out work at multiple work stations with varied assigned jobs. Production per hour is measured, allocation of total manpower needed for a particular operation is assessed and the operator’s skill level is measured and machine capacity is identified.

Inline and midline inspection

We make optimum use of this process in our garment factory and keep a stringent check on the production line by checking partially stitched garments while pieces are still inside the line and the whole sewing operations is not completed. This inspection is carried out in our factory for 100% of garments or certain percentage of total stitched pieces.


Garments are washed to check for shrinkage and to remove dirt, dust, etc. from garments.

Final inspection

In production of the garment an initial check compiled with final inspection is a must to be done by our quality controller. This ensures the quality of your product will be consistent and merchandise ready for export shipment.