Before shipment and packing every garment big or small is ironed as it is the most important finishing process. By means of subjecting a cloth to heat and pressure with or without steam each fabric is ironed to remove unwanted creases from the cloth.


Every garment is tagged as per the appropriate size and instruction on wash manual .Labelling helps the garment product to be easily identified.


Inspection is carried out at every stage right from the initial production phase. An initial check is done by quality controller right when 20% work has been completed.

Final checking

In the packing process the garment is checked for its fineness in design, colour compatibility and quality of thread and yarn, size, labelling etc. A step by step check at every stage followed with stringent inspection is a must process undertaken by our quality controller in charge at every stage of the process.

Packing in box

Every garment is packed as per buyers instruction with labelling on box mentioned in terms of size, code, colour and other specifications, if any.


Garment is now ready to be shipped to client.