Embroidery is the age old craft of decorating fabric by using a needle to apply thread or yarn. One can add an extra ounce of charm and beautify the fabric by combining embroidery and incorporating other materials such as pearls, beads, quills, and sequins. At Tanyo exports as per the client requirement we can embroider by basic manual stitching or by mechanical stitching methods..

Size wise sorting

Sorting and separating the fabric to be embroidered as per the size is done and maintained by the floor in-charge. The fabric is then assigned as per the size by the supervisor in-charge for the embroidery process. This step is mandatory to ensure mixing of varied sizes.


This section is one of utmost relevance in fabric manufacturing industry. This process beautifies the fabric; this process is done as per the requirement of the production order by manual as well as computerized method to produce complex design for vast clientele in a very short period of time.

Alteration repair

The process is monitored well and checked for alterations and repair and thereby ensure every minute alteration or repair needed is taken care of before cartooning the whole production for shipment.

Final checking

In the process of embroidery making on the garment the garment is checked for its fineness in design, colour compatibility and quality of thread and yarn. An initial check followed with stringent inspection is a must process undertaken by our quality controller in charge of the process. This ensures the quality and consistency in design and patterning is maintained as per the production order.