The process is the most vital and crucial process in the garment manufacturing and export industry. At Tanyo exports every garment big or small is always checked and inspected at various stages. The garment checking method is a stepwise process undertaken at every stage during the production process to maintain the garments quality before it is distributed and simply encompasses checking and testing the textile quality, the fabric, the yarn and the fibre.

Thread cutting

Garments when stitched are sent to finishing section and in finishing section we have dedicated team employed for thread trimming. This process is a standard must follow process in our manufacturing industry.

Measurement checking

The process is monitored well and cartooned in separate bundles as per the measurements and thereby ensure every cloth size is bundled and thus labelled correctly before cartooning the whole production for shipment.

Stain removing

Garments are washed to check for any stains that might pop up during the manual production process and to remove dirt, dust, etc. from garments.

Alteration repair

The process is monitored well and checked for any unstitched areas or crisscross stitching that might need alterations and repair. By undertaking this process we ensure every minute alteration or repair needed is taken care of before cartooning the whole production for shipment.

Size wise sorting

Sorting and separating the fabric to be embroidered as per the size is done and maintained by the floor in-charge. The fabric is then assigned as per the size by the supervisor in-charge for the embroidery process. This step is mandatory to ensure mixing of varied sizes.